Recently I had the fortunate opportunity to be coached by Suzanne Raja. The result of her coaching has led me to consider her a world class expert and guide for Celebrity Leaders and Influencers in the spotlight. As a veteran in the Music industry I’ve gone through many trials and challenges from overwhelm and rejection to the often bleak experience of creating in a solitary environment. Suzanne had been recommended to me by a trusted friend, who suggested that she possessed the insight to shine a light on some regions of darkness that I had been experiencing off and on throughout my lifetime. As a public figure, I am circumspect about sharing details of my private persona. I am grateful that I chose Suzanne with whom to seek support. She created a space like no other where I felt safe in opening up completely. She then began to guide me onto a path that moved me, almost magically, to a place where I suddenly saw the light awaiting me beyond my personal challenges. In our very first session, a long time relationship problem that I had been trying to resolve was completely healed. I was immediately moved by her artistry and compassion. The clarity of direction that was awakened within me through her guidance was nothing less than astounding. Now after a few sessions, my personal life is flowering in ways I somehow believed were possible, but had not experienced. My relationships are soaring and I find myself in a place of enduring peace. As a person of public influence, I often deal with areas with which few are acquainted, and at times, it has been a solitary journey, even lonely at times. Through Suzanne’s guidance, I have released those occurrences that I once regarded as painful and now understand the power of their existence in my life. A new perspective. If you are resonating with my discourse, I suggest that you reach out to Suzanne and discover for yourself. In Suzanne I found an ally who proved to me that her insight into my heart and soul is keen. Her compassion created a safe place for me to resolve issues that had interrupted and weighed me down for years. Installation was immediate and lasting. As I have, I believe you will discover great personal and professional gains rapidly, installed deeply, like no other master guide I have ever experienced.
Thomas Bähler
American singer, composer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and author
In my 23 years as a business coach I have helped many high-profile entrepreneurs and leaders to attain their goals. Along the way I have encountered and worked with literally hundreds of coaches. Recently I asked Suzanne to coach me through an issue that was challenging me. Her approach was direct and to the point. Her instincts were right on the mark and within minutes she got to the heart of a matter that had been bothering me for a long time. Her skill and ability at resolving long term mental and emotional blockages is almost miraculous. Her style combined a fierce, focused commitment to results with a deep compassionate connection that left me feeling seen, valued and empowered. Suzanne’s passion is assisting celebrities, influencers and leaders to connect with and live from their authentic selves, regardless of whether they are in the spotlight or hanging out with family and friends. Having experienced her gifted coaching personally, I would encourage any celebrity or leader who wants to achieve greater success with less stress and more fulfillment to contact Suzanne. I am confidant that having her on your team as your coach, mentor and friend will support you to flourish on all levels of your being.
Andrew Barber-Starkey
Master Certified Coach; Founder and President / The ProCoach Success System
Before working with Suzanne Raja there were always some internal triggers which at best would slow me down , and at their worst stop me in my tracks. Suzanne gently brought these subconscious triggers into the light and turned them from obstacles into projects, then from projects into fun. From that point of fun it was easy to overcome them and move forward with confidence and enthusiasm, all done in a safe and loving environment.
Maarten Van Nus
Founder of Boomerbody and The Fiirm; Author of “ Help I'm Being Held Prisoner By My Couch”
Suzanne has a beautiful, accepting presence combined with an unparalleled commitment to speaking truth. She fully welcomed whatever I needed to address, provided space and direction to effectively process, and created clear accountability. She made dealing with challenging issues pleasurable and effective. Suzanne inspires me to celebrate. She helps me see life like a dance. Work has become more fun. I am more present in my relationship and more joyful with my family. Her guidance helped me truly own what I want to create and believe in myself enough to claim it.
Nick Matheson
Business & Leadership; Coach CEO of national business; Entrepreneur for 16 years; Health care professional; Father of 4 amazing children; Lover of adventure and explorer of inner space
Suzanne Raja is the divine feminine with the right amount of spice. She is loving, wise, warm, intuitive, and she speaks in a way that makes you grin from ear to ear. Suzanne is a rare gem. When she speaks, she speaks directly to your heart and soul so that you can quiet your inner chat and finally listen to your soul. Every time I have interacted with Suzanne, I walk away feeling healed, wiser and more joyful. The best part of being in her presence is that you feel like you are being held in magic. You know that magic is going to happen. She creates a bubbling excitement in self-discovery, which leads to self-growth. I wish I could bottle up her essence! It truly is a blessing to learn from Suzanne. You will always smile when you think of her!
Sandra Arntzen
Prior to mentoring with Suzanne, I truly struggled with having my business “flow with ease and grace”.  I had heard others talk about that possibility, but I didn’t see if for me … I heard others talk about “continual flow of clients”, “people are easy to do business with”, “all areas of life in balance”, etc…but even as experienced as I was in running a business, I certainly wasn’t experiencing flow in my business or my life! In fact, just the opposite, I was focusing the vast majority of my time and energy on my business – and my health and fitness and relationships suffered. Not to mention, there was no time for me!   Suzanne helped me recognize how I was actually setting myself up to experience these “struggles and difficulties”. And the fact that I was blaming my business and stress on my health and the reason for not taking better care of myself. Once I learned to recognize my thoughts, feelings and beliefs that were perpetuating the patterns of gain and loss, highs and lows, worry and anxiety, I was able to work through them once and for all. Not that challenges don’t come my way – they do indeed, however, now I have the self-awareness and insight to address them as speed bumps versus cliffhangers. My life is full of love, laughter, adventure with my loved ones, and business is better than ever. I am very clear about whom I work with and enjoy each and every working relationship to the fullest. I now attract prosperous and competent people who want to do business with me!    Balance, Balance, Balance – my health is better than ever, having lost 10lbs and down a size, I can honestly say for the first time ever in my life, “I can do what I want, when I want to, and with whom I want” – it is total freedom! And, I highly recommend it! With Suzanne’s mentorship, I have also been able to recognize and balance the masculine and feminine energies within -- drawing on the strengths of either and/or both to experience life the way I envision it.    Suzanne has a powerful insight of guiding you to exactly what your Higher Self is longing for you to know! It’s not like she sits there and tells you what she thinks will work or feeds you the latest coaching 101 babble off the internet, rather, she opens her heart and just like an experienced guide, she leads you to where you find the answer, revelation, insight, or deep awareness – exactly what you need when you need it! When it is self-revealed with an experienced guide, it is Truth and cannot be forgotten.    This mentorship is for me, my loved ones and all my clients – current and future. I have so much more love and gratitude to offer myself and others. My business and my CEO Advisory practice, Leaders of Distinction, continues to grow and provide a forum for other CEO’s and Business Leaders to become the Transcendent Leaders they are meant to be.
Cynthia Davis
I was suffering from a downward spiral of personal losses, depression and exhaustion. I was in a state of physical, emotional and spiritual compromise.  I was lost on what seemed like a never-ending treadmill of desperation and I found myself with a deep and emergent yearning to reconnect with my soul. Suzanne Raja was always present in what felt like a precious and wise sisterhood. Her healing techniques were powerful, compassionate and deeply healing. Each session would take me deeply into myself and pull out the very essence of my soul, which led me on an incredible inner journey of healing and forward momentum into a powerful and fulfilling life. Working with Suzanne was priceless and has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. My personal and professional future is now filled with limitless potential and energy. I am forever grateful for this service and the gifts it has brought to me.
Dr. Amy Freeth
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons; Attending Physician in Medicine and Endocrinology, Bassett Medical Center, Cooperstown, NY; Research Scientist / Bassett Medical Center Research Institute
Suzanne is compassionate, patient and helped me to shift into a more positive awareness, and to just feel at peace again! This past year has been filled with major life changes including getting married, leaving my home to move to another country, letting go of a practice  which I absolutely loved, and leaving my support group of friends & family. Although I am so very happy to be married to my wonderful husband, I also had a year full of personal adjustments. I had been feeling stuck, tired, up-rooted and frustrated!  Suzanne lead me through a process in which I was able to find my way back "home" to my place of centeredness and wholeness. She has an innate ability to get to the point and guided me through the process to help me get beyond and through my "stuff"!  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Suzanne and would encourage anyone that wants to  gain clarity and to feel whole again to connect with her today.
Helen Lee-Raja
Chiropractor & Acupuncturist
To be completely transparent, when I first met Suzanne, she scared me. She saw me. And she was totally alive, awake and luscious. I immediately wanted some of 'that'. She intrinsically gave me permission to express latent parts of me simply by being in her presence. Watching her as a powerful woman beside a powerful man was mesmerizing, where she'd choose to ebb and flow. Suzanne sees straight through the depth of you and if you'll allow it, you'll reconnect to the core essence of your grandeur. And while she's fierce, she's also tender and loads of delicious fun. I am forever grateful and look forward to even more lusciousness unfolding knowing this great Woman.
Allana Pratt
Intimacy Expert
Suzanne is a Goddess, Teacher and Mother all rolled into one!  From the moment we met, I was taken by her ability to effortlessly empower and balance her Strength and Softness. Working with her has helped me professionally and personally.  By helping me realize and accept my own true Essence, I now flow effortlessly between my Masculine Strength and Feminine Compassion.  I no longer struggle to find the right words or actions, as there is now Clarity in all things. Now that is not to say there are not difficult days as a CEO, Mother or Friend. The difficulties still come. The difference now is that, while I care deeply, I don’t react in unconscious patterns.  I pause, breathe and arrive in my Essence. I am still so right action is obvious.  If you have a chance to work with Suzanne, take it. Go on the journey. Enjoy the ride. Do the Work. Wake Up and start to really Dream!
Shay Pausa
Chief Executive Officer / Omedix
Before working with Suzanne, I felt and intense sense of urgency for my life partner, my husband, to show up in my life. After working with Suzanne, I feel expansive and spacious. My posture has completely shifted. I still feel the desire in my heart for partner, but the feeling of urgency and craziness is no longer driving me.
PJ Van Hulle
Executive Director / Real Prosperity, Inc.
I was drawn to work with Suzanne after hearing her speak at DreamTalks, as I wanted to tap more into my feminine power, in order to build my business more gracefully. In my session with her, I was able to tap into thoughts and feelings that brought me clarity going forward. She is a powerful coach and mentor for women leaders.
Sherry Strong